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工业炮和手工炮|Air Pollution

过年期间(腊八——元宵),建议半数“工业炮”(工业污染)停止运行。或可最大化减少空气污染,与方便人民群众精神生活的享受。除开“工业炮”默认污染的数值(空气质量指数:Air Quality Index,简称AQI),“人工炮”(生活污染)带来的污染数值为,20-80。参考2022-2023元旦节假日,河南与四川地区,不同时间段程度雾霾,相对的差值

During the Chinese New Year (Laba - Lantern Festival), it is recommended that half of the "Industrial Pollution" stop operating. Or it can maximize reduction of Air Pollution and facilitate enjoyment of spiritual life of the people. Except for the default pollution value of "Industrial Pollution" (AQI), the pollution value brought by "Domestic Pollution" is 20-80. Refer to the 2022-2023 New Year's Day holiday, Henan and Sichuan, the relative difference in the degree of smog in different time periods.


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