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三观中“价值观”的一项考核|An Assessment of "ValueView" in Three Views





How to simply judge a person, whether it is "Foreign Force" or "Patriotic", "Spy" or "Domestic Violence Man", "Traitor, Running Dog" or "Red Guards, Boxers", etc (Contents in quotation marks are all "Label, Extending" meanings). Try face-to-face many times, point out the shortcomings of them and their proud "Career", and then see their reactions.

"​Annoyed", the explanation might be. "Annoyed and defended saying no", then most likely. "Annoyed, defended saying no, beat and scold people", that is 100% sure.

In the final analysis: A judgment that a certain person's "Ignorance" and chooses to admit or not. Tested: ​My dad belongs to the "Red Guard" type, and I belong to the "Foreign Force". My mother, the ingredients are unknown.

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