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烟花和信号弹|Fireworks and Signal Flares




Actually, there is not much difference between Fireworks and "Signal Flares".
Under certain circumstances, it can become the carrier of "a Certain Communication Method". Fire and "Stalk Burning", same reason.

Even if it is a star that is out of reach in the sky, the "Weak" will label it as a "Catastrophe". This is an extremely unconfident expression.

In many places across the country, the "Comprehensive Ban on Setting off Fireworks and Firecrackers in All Areas and at All Times" continues. Relevant leaders may not realize that this "Block, not Dredging" approach will bring "what consequences". Its severity may be no less than the second "Zhengzhou Foxconn Incident". The two sentences that the common people like to talk about the most: Dogs are afraid of fireworks and firecrackers, so dogs won't let them setting off. Grandpa likes it, but grandson refuses. And take action to make some "Response".


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