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大年初一,“放水”……|First Day of Chinese New Year, "Release Water"…




Think it badly, it is the "Government" who threatens and tempts people, and ignores human lives; Normally speaking, the superior orders the dispatch, and the local "Shirks Responsibility"; Going further to "Good", it is the "Troublemakers" who have done their own lives.

It is normal to release water any day. It happens the first day of the Chinese New Year… Another typical example of "Banality of Evil"? Patriotic big V, rebels, etc., have completely different "Buttocks", but same "Washing and Framing" method. Under the standpoint established in advance, Humanity and Life are not worthy of their mention all the time.

Only when people try their best to think of "Concept of Evil", can they realize that "Goodness is not easy to come by".


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