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Occasionally Standing on the Level Of the "Ruling Class", "Speeching".

Now the "extranet" is swarming to render the "death situation" after the Release, especially the representative "Fang Zhouzi" etc., Collaborating with the media in "Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions" to create momentum; As in the previous Containment period, the representative "Li Laoshi", etc., The same goes for the revolt that heavily publicizes "man-made tragedies". Recently, the contradictions and battles between the "two" have become very intense; each other's fans to "slander" and attack each other. In order to prove the correct, the overall public opinion environment is also gradually developing towards the "Extreme Left" direction.

The difference is that during the Containment period, those who were considered to "cooperate" with the actions on the extranet were ordinary people who could not make a sound; After the Release, it was the "Patriotic Big V" who had been "righteous" before, but turned around to use the materials from the outside "wall".

It makes people "confuse" and wonder who is the real "rebel". But what is certain is that some groups with ulterior motives such as "extranet" really hope that "us" will be as chaotic as possible. Instead of being pointed and scolded by "outsiders" and "family members" at the same time, it is better to take the initiative to open the "Wall" to make the information transparent, and let the family members "happily" scold once. Then, pack new bags; continue, to travel light!

Don't mess up the hands and feet, and got hotheaded to make "some radical behavior" again.

2022.12.26 18:43


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