作者|Author——(不是谁的英雄,不过自我意识的奴隶)「Not Someone's Hero, but a Slave of Self-consciousness」


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《中国奇谭》乡村巴士带走了王孩儿和神仙|Fool and God, Yao-Chinese Folktales



A "pretend to be profound" dictation and presentation of ordinary life in countryside, "Personally" in the form of animation. See the "Shadows"—little people, dog, gods, and wanghaier, under "Ignorance, Fear, and Imagination". The contents in "" are all "Neutral" words.

Have to to be specific, what is the meaning of reality and irony. Depends on what exactly "Taken Away"? But it's chaos at all, and doesn't speak clearly. Some good or bad? Some nostalgia or give up? Some retention of dross or progress in thought?


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