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2023年,第一场“群体事件”|In 2023, the First "Group Incident"

  • 河南:许昌、鹿邑。
  • 导火索:禁止燃放烟花爆竹及后续驱赶、抓人等不当的管理方式。
  • 处置手段:尽量少数人“寻衅滋事”(扰乱公共秩序)的判定。双方都“比较满意”。新的一年,显著的提升与改变

  • Henan: Xuchang, Luyi.
  • Fuse: Prohibition of setting off Fireworks and Firecrackers and subsequent improper management methods such as driving and arresting people.
  • Disposal measures: As few people as possible judgment of "Picking Quarrels and Provoking Trouble"(disrupt public order). Both parties are relatively satisfied. Significant improvements and changes in the new year.


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