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对症下“药”|"Medicine" for the symptoms






Muscle pain without physical exertion, unexplained cough not caused by wind-cold attack, Excluding the upper respiratory tract infection caused by "air pollution factors", sudden and brief dizziness under normal circumstances, A series of real responses to physical conditions, etc., may be the initial manifestation of getting the "COVID-19 Influenza".

​At this moment, you need to start paying attention, rest more, drink more water, and supplement more nutrition to avoid further deterioration of symptoms (Purely rely on immunity stage). Symptoms that last for a certain period of time, and then develop a fever, leading to chills and fever problems. It is necessary to maintain a normal body environment in time, and use physical methods or medicine to raise or lower the temperature (Mainly rely on immunity stage).

Furthermore, if a long-term and persistent high fever occurs, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in a clinic or hospital immediately. Avoid the occurrence of irreversible emergencies (Mainly rely on medicine). "Patients with basic diseases" should take a step ahead on Rest More, Medicine or Medical Treatment, can maximize keep their health and safety.

In addition: "antigen detection", etc., as an apparent reference index, cannot be exclusive, and "can be falsified". Purely "the act of cutting leeks". Not a "medical expert" recommendation, just personal attitude towards "the way of medical treatment should have".

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