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浅谈婴幼儿家庭教育|On Family Education for Infants



  • 初次认识自己:身体的构造,语言、行为和意识表达的能力……
  • 区分周围和环境:周围,家庭,能直接感知(触、视、听,味、嗅,觉)到的“所有物品”;环境:外界(同理)


  • 初次认识ta人:美与善,丑与恶……
  • 再次认识自己:同理;再次认识ta人:人性与其带来的所有感知

Two major directions:

1. Self - Surrounding - Environment. Get to know Self for the first time, Distinguish Surroundings and Environment.

  • Get to know Self for the first time: structure of the body, expression ability of language, behavior and consciousness…
  • Distinguish Surroundings and Environment: Surroundings, Family, "All Objects" that can be directly perceived (touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell, sense); Environment: Outside World (in the same way)

2. Someone Else - Self - Someone Else. Get to know Someone Else for the first time, Get to know Self and Someone Else again.

  • Get to know Someone Else for the first time: Beauty and Goodness, Ugliness and Evil…
  • Get to know Self again: same reason; Get to know Someone Else again: Humanity and all the Perceptions it brings


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