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谈《三体》|On Three Body





some different viewpoints

Product of "Nationalism" psychosexuality.

To be honest, don't want to follow this "Demon Wind". As soon as hear "This Word" and "the person who wrote this word", will feel "Very" disgust and "Very Much" antipathy in head, and eyes be dirty. But still made up the mind (take a look at the "TV Series" of the same name), for two main reasons: While writing "Traffic Articles", can take good opportunity to "Criticize" the author's ugly behaviors (a little "Shock"). Why not do it. Finally gave up! The first episode, the 16th minute, is already unbearable.

In addition, "Concentrate on Big Things", "At All Costs", etc…​ These seem to be the "Dark Forest" Law, some specific manifestations corresponding to in reality. ​(For reference only)

How can everyone praise it? Can't boast!


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