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养蛊反噬|Raising Gu is counterproductive






The "Zero-Clearers" and "Containment Enthusiasts" of "Weibo" are all watching Old Hu make "jokes" and "sarcasm", even wish him to "death". So that the "Containment Policy" can return to the "state" in November. ​This is completely different from the "Tang Fei" (躺匪, an opposite term on Weibo), also known as the "Faction of Release".

The former believes that it is the "Tang Feis" who took to the streets and held up "blank papers" and so on, which caused the current situation. In fact, it was caused by orders issued directly by the "government authorities". "Enthusiasts" know who the father is, and they can't afford to offend them, so they have to vent their anger on "Old Hu who supports Release".

It is also very simple to solve today's "panic and contradiction". That is encourage the "enthusiasts", can also bravely "take to the streets" and hold up "black paper". Put forward their corresponding demands. So that the "policy that has been released" continues to turn. ​Tossing back and forth, reflects the best example of "democracy".

However, in the eyes of the "government authorities", the "Tang Feis" used to be the 500,000¥ walking people, Now are the "Enthusiasts".

2022.12.16 ​14:41


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