Nostr系列,存在的意义|Significance of Nostr's existence




Users can publish anonymously, any comments they want to make, without being traced; after being reported by "Water army" groups, harassed/"banned", they can still "Automatically" generate numerous Similar small circle accounts. The platform also provides functions of blocking, reporting and blacking out.

At the moment, it can be considered a haven for "Libertarians". This is also the reason why some governments in some countries are forcing the "App" to be taken down - it offends "Some own fundamental interests". A "Dark web" like black market, to become a "Aboveboard" existence. It overturned the traditional meaning of the term "Underground Communication Station".

Nostr, a cross-generational application that can reflect the "Integrity" of human beings, is simply best spokesman for "Everyone is me, I am everyone". (Just an evaluation for reference only)

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