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分水岭:2022年末的一个调整|Watershed: an Adjustment at the End Year of 2022




In the eyes of Pessimists: Yes, a short-term "brightness"; "the way coming" and "where to go" are still full of "colors of sadness". Deep Issues such as, Today's Trust, Evolving Population and Various Minefields(Real Estate, Internet Finance, Deposit Savings Bank) Left Over, None of them were properly resolved. Optimistic people: eat well, sleep well, everyone well. All endured and waiting for the boat to reach the "Bridge Head". ​​​​

"Noah's Ark" seems to be driving smoothly on the rough water; In fact, "the animals and people in the cabin" have already had different views. But what if: the boat "goes to sink by itself" for various reasons halfway? Also, is it okay not to take the boat? If don't, is it "flying a plane on the water"?

"Eating Big Pots of Rice" seems to be the only way out in peaceful times. Approach of the "Utopia" is to clear all debts and redistribute all assets reasonably.


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